Telescanner Inline

The Tele Scanner is a robust 2D measuring device for mobile use in production. The special feature of the Tele scanner is a telecentric optical system over the entire width up to 2000 mm with a depth of field of 50 mm. This allows components of different height to be measured within a single scan. The scanner can measure large parts in seconds. This makes it suitable, for example, in the metalworking industry for the global dimensional inspection, for measurement of electric circuit boards, plastics or technical fabrics. The user has the choice between DIN ISO fine, medium or coarse for the measurement. The corresponding tolerances are assigned to the measured values. Alternatively, measurement rules can be created with the individual specification of the tolerances based on the associated component drawings. The desired outer and inner contours are clicked and the components will then be automatically measured.

The measurement is carried out either in transient or incident light.

The scanner can also be used for inspection of the surface for defects such as scratches, dents and cavities. Tele scanners can be integrated directly into the production line or be provided as a separate testing device. Without any mechanical adjustment components of different thicknesses can be measured. The achievable measurement uncertainty is 0.05 mm. Optionally, from the scan data of an object, a drawing can be generated in the form of DXF files (reverse engineering). In addition to an extensive software supply of measuring and test functions, customer-specific solutions are offered.