Measuring-Scanner Alfacontrol

The new modular measuring scanner offers a lot of flexible solutions for measurement and inspection of flat components. The width of the scanner is variable. With a physical resolution of 600 dpi the scanner is able to measure small structures and also able to detect surface defects on the material. Over the whole scan length an image can be consistently acquired with a scan rate up to 4 kHz using parallel beams of light.

The system can be used in endless mode, triggered, and synchronized with an additional camera.

MS-175CL Modular Line Scanner


  • 600 dpi
  • 7000 lines / sec.
  • Parallax-free optics
  • Variable lengths
  • Data rate 60 MByte / sec.
  • Trigger input
  • Robust housing, various illuminations
  • Modular, flexible, cost-efficient

Variable Lengths
With the new modular and flexible line scanner MS-175CL the alfavision company offers a cost-efficient solution for measuring and control applications of plane products. The length of the line scanner is variable in multiples of 175 mm up to for instance 3500 mm. Over the whole width of the build-in sensor the object is captured without interruptions and by parallel sight rays.

Flexible Measuring System
With an optical resolution of 600 dpi the line scanner MS-175CL can check structures, measure dimensions, and detect errors on the base material like unevenness.

The control and the data handling of the sensor are powered by a PC. For the data transmission from the sensor to the PC a standard CameraLink interface is used. A simple use of the software and a scan rate of 7000 lines per sec. make a fast generation of results possible.

Using the electro-optical IO-ports it is possible to connect an incremental encoder with the line scanner MS-175CL. Even speed deviations during the image capturing can be compensated. Using a high precession length and gray value calibration of the build-in sensor and the encoder information a measuring of the object is possible with a high accuracy. Because of the self-detection of objects in the scan line a start signal for the capture process is not needed necessarily. Two output ports can be used for outgoing signals.

Measuring and control systems based on the new line scanner MS-175CL are applicable for stampings, PCBs, textiles, canvases, and print impressions. Dependent on the problem, top, back, and cover illuminations are possible. Silhouette applications without optics are also possible.

Technical Data

Gray levels: 8 Bit (256 levels)
Optical resolution: 42 μm at 600 dpi
(optional 300 dpi)
Data interface: CameraLink
Working temperature range: 0° bis +40°C
Power supply: 24V DC or 230V/50Hz
(optional 110V/60Hz)
IO ports: 3 inputs, electro-optical,
optional 5…24V
2 outputs,
optional 5V…24V
Optical working distance: 8 mm (optional 15mm)